Mission of Hope:




Scaling up services: Raising awareness regarding RCH/HIV/AIDS/STI and promote safe sex behaviour in High risk behaviour group





Goli ke humjoli was a campaign aimed at spreading awareness amongst women towards the acceptance and adoption of oral contraceptive pills as the safest and most effective form of contraception. The fruitful outcome of this campaign was that 20000 women empowered with the equal right to decide on the number of children they wanted and also spacing between children. This attempt was important for the success of the caimpaign because this help motivate and inspire the women to be a part of this drive towards a better and safer health. ( Funded by Ogilvy Outreach)




CARE INDIA’s health programme, RACHNA seeks to improve health and nutrition of the vulnerable groups. Under this flagship health programme, The CHAYAN Project was a unique attempt supported by and implemented in partnership with USAID to address the emerging challenges posed by spread of HIV in India, across 22 cities in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and selected slums of Delhi. Chayan’s HIV prevention interventions focused on the most vulnerable and unseen populations such as migrants, truckers, female sex workers and youth Chayan's experiences offer useful insights for engaging most vulnerable populations for preventing HIV and simultaneously supporting public health service delivery systems to be more responsive and accountable. ASTITVA SANSTHAN implemented this project in udaipur district ,Rajasthan and results were surprising that we trained 110 peer educators in a very short period,promoted condom usage, improved STI treatment seeking behaviour and safer sex practices in truckers and Commercial sex workers.
(Funded by CARE INDIA)

(3) Trageted Intervention (CSW) [RSACS]
Organization has been doing the work on awareness generation, condom promotion, Counseling on STI/RTI/HIV/AIDS and management of STI/RTI free of cost ,referral to VCTC ,Care & support to HIV positive CSWs with the support of RSACS . In addition, we are trying to empower them on social, economical, educational, vocational issues and their rights . We are helping the victims of domestic violence and if the human rights of CSWs are being violated , and take appropriate action to inform the concerned authority confidentially , and provide legal aid.
we have made approach to 1426 Commercial sex workers. We have been made 14 peer educators which belong to sex trade to spread awareness more effectively . We have established 50 condom outlets in high risk zone like slums, highways, tourist places, near by parks and gardens, hotels, lodges, guest houses, bus stand, railway station to make condom easily accessible and available free of cost. We have treated 1250 (Aug. 06 To Aug. 08 ) STI patients at NGO clinic which are being given medicine and counseling free of cost.


We have established DROP IN CENTER for CSWs named as HUMJOLI CENTER, name is given by target population, near by NGO clinic so that they can interact with each other any time and Services of DIC are rest, seek advice, share information, approach someone in case of crisis, pick up condom, provide treatment, teaching self defense, rotational saving classes, literacy classes, counseling, entertainment as Audio- Video show, playing games etc.
Organization has made 20 SELF HELP GROUPs of CSWs in different areas which are running well and each consisting of 10-20 members and 20 SHGs are in process of formation. They are named on their common opinion as DAMINI, APARAJITA, SAHYOGINI, DURGA etc. We provide managing skills and capacity building to run these SHGs, as most of these efforts are carried out by women, hence need for capacity building is doubly required. Our main focus on these programme to emphasize on education, literacy and capacity building so that it can really become the tools of poverty alleviation and empowerment of women associated, with them. (Funded by RSACS)

(4) Targeted Intervention (Truckers)

The Apollo Tyres Ltd. came forward to support trucker’s community in Udaipur city. Apollo Tyres health care centre (STD clinic) is joint venture of Apollo Tyres Ltd. and Astitva Sansthan, udaipur. This health care centre is the first of its kind in the Rajasthan state focus primarily to help and support the truckers and their helpers, CSW and migrants. The Apollo dealers and consumers welfare trust gives the financial and policy and guideline whereas management running the centre as per guidance and direction given by Astitva Sansthan. The clients are being given counseling and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and consultation on generic sickness. Essential medicines for STD are being given free of cost.
Transport Nagar is the hub of transport industry where 200-300 Transporting vehicles be in and out everyday so it employes a large no. of persons such as truckers (Drivers & Helpers), Migrants, Laborers, T.P Agents making it approximately 900-1000 employees. Truckers have to remain most of the time out side from their homes, living miserable lives such in form of taking alcohol, opioid substrate and demanding for sex on their trips which is catered by female sex workers on highways. The situation of ATHCC on this location makes an exemplary impact on the bridge group as well as core group leading to make aware regarding STI/HIV/AIDS and improving treatment seeking behavior too. In ATHCC an average 300 – 350 STI patients are being treated every month and we have treated 7115 cases ( Oct 05 – Aug 08 ). ATHCC has a team of skilled person consisting of the Project Manager, Doctor, Counselor, Paramedic, 3 Out reach workers and 1 helper.
Clinic is easily accessible and visible to public and consists of Doctor Room, Counselor Room, and Examination Room.
120 Peer educators have been trained by Astitva Sansthan to run the project activities as referral to ATHCC ,condom promotion, etc. which are giving their valuable support inspite of being busy in their business, free of cost . We have established 50 condom outlets in operational area for free distribution of condoms and are regularly filled by staff . We have a large STI referral to ICTC .We have a strong stakeholder support as the Transport Organization has provided premises for ATHCC [STI clinic] free of cost. (Funded by Apollo Tyres Ltd.)




(5) Tourism Awareness (U.N.F.P.A.)


Since beginning, Udaipur City is the cynosure of whole world due to natural beauty and main port of tourism industry. Keeping this fact in mind we started a programme with I- Land informatics for raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in tourists and their associates with the support of UNFPA. We choosed all tourist places and contacted with all stakeholders and the response was mind blowing. We trained 600 Guides (Registered & Non registered) and did many workshops, street plays and awareness events to raise awareness with shopkeepers, handicraft emporium, hotelier and their staff, guides, taxy and auto drivers etc… This effort brought a grammatical change in enviournment that stakeholders took the responsibility to put condom boxes in their hotels and shops and managed them also, drivers were keeping the pamphlets in their taxies. ( Funded by UNFPA)


The CHARCA project was cordinated effort to increase capacities and reduce the vulnerability of young women, in the 13-25 age groups, in India to STIs and HIV infection. CHARCA was district-wide, multi-stakeholder, general population intervention. It was process-oriented, community-driven project addressing the vulnerabilities of girls and young women aged between 13-25 years to STI/HIV/AIDS. It was dynamic partnership between government at national, state and district levels, NGOs, CBOs, academic institutions, and the Joint UN System (ILO, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNODC, WHO, UNAIDS). Udaipur in Rajasthan faces a greater threat although the state is considered a low prevalence state. Poverty levels are high, low employment opportunities, repeated droughts and subsequent economic pressures promote out-migration of men.We addressed general community regarding HIV/AIDS and its prevention measures. We trained 22 peer educators and established 11 condom outlets. (Funded By UNFPA)

(7). G- 86 ( IDUs)
Although prevalence of drug abuse among males in the general population is significant but the problem also visible while drugs and HIV are linked by the injecting drug usage when drugs are taken by injections and needles are shared. There are special vulnerabilities and risk associated with the youths as they do not perceive themselves to be “in danger. We acknowledged and skilled to protect against addictions and infections and very few process of negotiation skills to youths and adolescents in slums and tourist places. The purpose of the project was to drug prevention awareness message and product in schools and community settings in Udaipur District. We selected 5 schools, 6 slums and many tourist places to make approach. (Funded By UNODC)

(8) National Pediatric AIDS Initiative [CLINTON FOUNDATION]
As the result of out migration there was growing the number of HIV positive people day by day so it was quite necessary to save their families and childrens. In 2007 we traced out so many children which were gripped in evil claws of HIV/AIDS and started to make accomplish the services for them with the support of Clinton Foundation. The services we are serving are Psycho- social support, travel support to ART centre and CD4 Count ,Nutrtional support. The components of project are HIV testing of all suspected children, testing of CD4 Count and ART if necessary , additional nutritional supplements for ART / Non ART children to prevent the Protein Energy malnutrition & Opportunistic infections.. (Funded By CLINTON FOUNDATION)

The key objectives of this project are following:

    • Prevention need of children primarily through universal provision of PPTCT Services.
    • Children who are infected will be assured access to pediatric ART as and when they qualify for treatment.
    • Outline policy imperative to address non clinical needs of person infected and affected by HIV especially children.
    • Impact of HIV on others will be mitigated through providing nutritional support, opportunities for income generation and other welfare services.


      • Diagnosis of HIV infection in infant and Children.
      • Enumeration of CD-4 Cells in children found to be HIV positive.
      • Pre ART care to Children who do not qualify for treatment.
      • Initiation of ART in children who qualify for treatment.
      • Diagnosis and Management of opportunistic infection.
      • Psycho- Social Support.
      • Nutritional Support.
      • Travel and logistic Support.